Is the platform a check?
 A platform that brings together makeup, care and perfume products
3- What are the cities covered by the store?
All regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and soon the Gulf
4- Is home delivery?
Mostly yes, but it depends on the shipping companies and their coordination with the customer
5- Are the products original?
Yes 100% original products
6- What are the steps to purchase from a check platform?
Add the products you want to buy to the cart
Click on End Application
Follow the steps that will appear in step-by-step until you send the request
7- How can I get a discount coupon?
You can do this through advertisements, or you can request a discount code from customer service
8- What are the payment methods in the check platform?
Through Visa, Master Card, Mada
9- What are the shipping fees?
The product shipping fee is 20 riyals, within the shipping company’s coverage and outside the scope of 35 riyals only
10- Are there any additional shipping costs?
There are no additional costs if paid by Visa, Master Card or Mada
12- How long does it take to ship the products?
Orders are shipped within 2 to 7 business days in normal conditions,
13- How to return or replace products?
Returned or replaced products sold by the buyer may communicate with us directly on various communication channels
14- What are the conditions for returning or replacing products?
Products must be in the same original condition upon receipt, taking into account the specified time period, and the buyer must upon return request to return all accessories and gifts received with the product when purchasing in its original packaging. The
buyer must also upon requesting a return or replacement provide us with the purchase invoice.

15- When do I get a refund of the amount paid in the event I request to return the products I have purchased?
In the event that you request a refund, the store will refund the amount paid to you within 14 to 30 business days of the date the store received the product.
16- In the case of my request to replace products, how is the price of new products calculated?
In the case of your request to replace products, in this case the price difference between the product to be replaced and the new product to be purchased is observed.
17- Who bears the costs of shipping to return or exchange products?
In the event that the return or replacement is due to the buyer and is not a defect in the product, the buyer will bear the costs of shipping, return and replacement.
In the event that the return or replacement was due to a defect in the product or its failure to comply with the specifications and details of the sale, the store examines the product.
18- How is the replacement or refund request reviewed?
In the event that the return or replacement is due to the reason for the defect in the product, in this case the store reviews the request and examines the product. If the store finds that the buyer violates the terms and conditions of the return policy and that the defect was caused to the product as a result of the buyer’s fault, then the store has the right to reject the return or replacement request or to charge the buyer a value Damage to the product.
In the event the store rejects the request to return or replace the product provided by the buyer (due to the buyer’s violation of the terms and conditions of the return policy and that the defect in the product was the result of the buyer’s fault), and the buyer refused to receive the product again, in this case the store is entitled to dispose of this product after the passage of 24 Hours from the date the buyer refused
19- What is the warranty offered on the products?
The Check platform grants to the buyers of the products all the guarantees provided by the manufacturers of these products in addition to all the guarantees provided by the suppliers of the products contracted with us.

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